Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bookbinding & Limited Editions

Bookbinding & Limited Editions - Bookbinding for limited editions of rare and valuable books is a feature of Paul Tronson's work. This example is devoted to the Works of Ronald Coleby that were only published in small numbers. Each bookbinding is a work of book art.

If you'd like to commission Paul Tronson, Master Bookbinder to value or restore your treasured Bible or books in your collection or your library.
Alternatively you can email Paul at
If you'd like to receive your free copy of Paul's newsletter: 'The Bookbinder's Journal' (published irregularly) then please click here and type your name and 'SUBSCRIBE ME PLEASE' in the 'SUBJECT' LINE.

If you'd like to contact Paul, to make an appointment to discuss a valuation, commission or just for a chat about rare books then call +1 778 433 5007 or email: at Period Fine Bindings, #204-2527 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, Vancouver Island BC Canada V8L 1Y1 You can read about Paul's experiences and some of the amazing bookbinding commissions he has undertaken here Open Mon-Sat 9 - 6 pm (Closed Sundays)

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